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Welcome to My Wedding Works UK

Make sure your wedding works by picking the right suppliers and services for you.

At MyWeddingWorksUK we showcase the best local wedding suppliers and services in Herts, Beds and Bucks.

Through our blog, vlog and community group we cherry pick the best suppliers in your region from photographers to cake makers, bands to makeup artists and everything in between. We get to know them, find out what they do, what they specialise in and how they work… Making the whole planning process easier for you. We chat through their services and put frequently asked questions to them so that you have more time to take care of the essentials.

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How it all started

MyWeddingWorksUK was founded on New Years Eve 2017 over a prosecco fueled evening… Rumour has it that all the best ventures start this way… well let’s see!!

I got to thinking… every wedding is different, special and unique in it’s own way… Since I had a handmade festival wedding ( where we did EVERYTHING from scratch) why not use the knowledge and industry contacts I built up to create a community where prospective brides can discuss, seek advice, recommendations and look for local suppliers and services? Essentially, I wanted to create an online wedding fayre where brides can view local suppliers whilst chatting to others in the same boat.

A bit about me!


Wtoo Backless Wedding Dress Cathedral veil

I’d like to think of myself as an ‘all-rounder’- someone who likes lots of things and as a result, my career to date has been quite varied. I started out as a waitress whilst I studied for my Degree in Primary Education (yes I am a qualified Teacher!). Following my Graduation (and after deciding not to be a teacher) I secured a couple of sales roles. Following redundancy, I worked on various self-employed account management roles whilst making baby shower gifts in my spare time whilst also being mummy to my three awesome boys! (Did I mention I was also a singer in a wedding band along with my now Husband Stuart on Drums – See I did mention I’ve done a good variety of things…!)

Since becoming a mummy, however, all of my creative outlets had dried up somewhat, ‘Me time’ was a distant memory and I was up to my eyeballs in nappies….. That was until that New Years Eve when MyWeddingWorksUK was born and something amazing fell into place!

My Wedding

Following my engagement back when I was 8 ½ months pregnant with my second son, my partner of 8 years decided to propose. We had a festival wedding in my husbands Dads garden so we had to organised EVERYTHING. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! (See ‘A Handmade wedding. Is it a good idea?’ Blog) but in brief, we turned a huge garden into an amazing wedding venue. I quickly made a network of local suppliers and learned what it took to plan quite literally the whole wedding without limitations. A perfect grounding for MyWeddingWorksUK.


I really hope you like what you read and find it useful!

Don’t forget to follow the Facebook page and join our exclusive Facebook forum group to get involved and access exclusive discounts and offers!!




*Now for the boring (but necessary) legal bit – our reviews are our opinions and recommendations only. We can not assist in booking any services or accept any responsibility for the same.

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