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Stunning Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

pre loved wedding dress

When you think of your dream wedding dress the words pre-loved or second hand don’t often come into play. But wait for it… this article could change your mind. Intrigued?… Read on!!

pre loved wedding dress

Photo credit: – Rebecca in Allure

Pre-loved Perfection

Imagine your dream designer wedding dress in immaculate condition but for a fraction of the price! Yes, a fraction of the price! specialise in providing a platform for people buying and selling pre-loved wedding dresses. Sometimes the dresses haven’t even been worn… The bride may have changed her mind etc and now wants to sell it. Don’t forget you can always get a seamstress to alter the dress to fit like a glove! We know the perfect alterations lady, just click here! 

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If pre-loved wedding dresses aren’t on your radar you can always use to sell your wedding dress after your big day. I mean what else can you do with it really?? Use it for a christening outfit, keep it in a box in the loft collecting dust? What a waste. This way you can get some money back and someone else can have an amazing day in your dress.

pre loved wedding dress

Photo credits: – Georgie in Made With Love

So how does Work? is an international platform where you can buy and sell wedding dresses.

This is a perfect solution for those looking for a specific designer or dress. I mean, what if they don’t stock the dress or designer in your country! Fear not… You might be able to find it on It’s a worldwide platform. They use PayPal for extra security and have a chat system to help you through the process.

Visit their site and take a look… You never know… You might just find your dream wedding dress!!!

pre loved wedding dress

Photo credit: still – Najah in Steven Khalil

“I recently sold my dress (from Australia) to a lovely lady in New York and she loved it!” -Jess, Testimony

The idea of buying a wedding dress without actually seeing it seems really strange but we’re living in an online shopping age and it’s weirdly becoming the norm! What’s the worst that can happen, you don’t like it so you sell it on! Easy!

pre loved wedding dress

Photo credit: – Ruby in Maggie Sottero

Click here to see the buyer and seller journeys on It’s surprisingly easy… I could spend hours browsing through all the beautiful dresses… and with international shipping your search is endless!!

Let us know in the comments below if you bought a pre-loved wedding dress or have sold your dress on… We’d love to know!!



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