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Create a Unique Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags

Are you toying with the idea of having a wedding hashtag?

Picture this… the morning after your big day, you and your partner are in newly wed bliss scrolling through social media to see what photos your guests have posted… now just think how much easier it would be if you could just search a unique wedding hashtag and all the pictures would come up… What a time to be alive!!

Simply put your chosen wedding hashtag on your save the dates, wedding invites and wedding day literature! Some couples even opt for a wedding hashtag sign prompting guests to use it. This way your guests won’t forget to use your hashtag when they upload to social media and you will be in post wedding scrolling heaven looking through their photos!

Example wedding hashtags

So let’s say for argument’s sake that your names are Victoria and David and your married surname is Beckham… (Before we continue let’s all just take a second to imagine what it would be like to be married to the dream boat that is Mr Beckham… ok, now back to wedding hashtags)

Here are some example wedding hashtags

  • #VictoriaWedsDavid
  • #TheBeckhamsSayIDo
  • #VictoriaAndDavidGetHitched
  • #TheBeckhamWedding
  • #VictoriaAndDavidTieTheKnot
  • #TheBeckhamsBigDay
  • #ForeverTheBeckhams
  • #OnceUponABeckham
  • #ItsABeckhamThing
  • #ABeckhamWedding
  • #TheNewBeckhams
  • #FutureBeckhams
  • #ItTakesTwoToBeckham

Top wedding hashtag tips

  • Start with your names and try some of the examples above.
  • Search some potential hashtags on Facebook and Instagram before commiting to one… that way you’ll know if it’s linked to anything untoward or how popular it is.
  • If your prefered hashtag has already been used for several weddings try adding a year or venue name to make it more exclusive, i.e. #TheBeckhamWedding2018 or #TheBeckhamsSayIdoAtHorwoodHouse.
  • Avoid easy misspellings and try not to make your wedding hashtag too long… people might make typos more easily and you won’t be able to find the posts when you search the real hashtag.
  • Use capital letters at the start of each new word to help guest read and use it.
  • Try to keep it short, sweet and unique.
  • Use a pun if you can, Not only are they funny and quirky but they will help keep your hashtag individual and easy for guests to remember, for example #ToTheMoonAndBeckham.
  • Try to relate it to your wedding in some way…

…MyWeddingWorksUK’s very own Jemma had a wedding hashtag for her festival themed handmade wedding. She incorporated the theme in her wedding hashtag making it unique and fun. She decided on #DinnieWedFest. When she or any of her guests search the hashtag on social media they’re able to see all the posts instantly. Here’s one of me and my Husband on Jemma’s big day… As you can see we used their wedding hashtag!

wedding hashtagwedding hashtag

The Verdict

A wedding hashtag will allow you (and your guests) to find posts about your big day easily… You’ll be able to scroll through pictures way before your photographer will have time to edit and submit your photos! What’s not to love?! 



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